2019 OMNI Athlete Live:
The Future of Sport
Friday, July 19th - Sunday, July 21st | University of San Francisco
If you are the kind of coach, athlete or leader who believes mental training is just as important to your team as lifting weights, that emotional awareness has to be practiced and that developing into a peak performer means more than just getting bigger, stronger and faster – that who you are as a person actually matters AND can unlock your full potential…

Learn how to prime your mind, body and spirit before every performance.
Perform emotionally free and in the zone with practices for any sport, athlete and coach.
Re-energize all of your bodies by learning how elite OMNI Athletes recover.
Step into your next chapter of life with clarity and a sense of purpose.
2019 Speakers
From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy & Consciousness Festival™ comes a new experience for OMNI Athletes, Coaches & Transformational Leaders in Sport. 

Up-level your experience at each stage of the athletic lifecycle with experiential training that integrates body, mind and spirit. 

Hosted on the beautiful University of San Francisco campus in downtown SF, OA Live is the only event on the planet that invites courageous conversations, experiences and a thriving community focused on activating the fullest expression and realization of the human potential through sport.

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon you will hear energizing keynote presentations from leaders in sports, energy and consciousness -  participate in panel discussions with athletes and coaches who have performed with OMNI Athlete principles at the highest levels of competition - and learn directly from world-class teachers with breakout sessions that help you integrate everything you learn into your body.

This is an EXPERIENTIAL conference. Expect to move and be on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes, athletic clothes you can move in and bring a notepad.

This experiential weekend is offered for coaches, trainers, recreational athletes, individuals who wish to realize their latent abilities and competitive players interested in taking their teaching to the next level.

You’re invited to be a part of it! 
Connect consciousness to your athletic ability. Learn how to use sport to become a better person and use inner peace as the source of your outward power from the world's best athletes, coaches and trainers.
Connect with a community of awakened competitors like you through intimate conversations, panel discussions and synchronistic interactions designed to level-up your network.
Learn directly from world-class teachers with hands-on sessions that bring the work you're learning about into your body through movement, exercise and other physical practices.
Keynote Presentation by 
David Meltzer
Sport as a Path to Gratitude, Empathy, & Accountability 
Dave Meltzer - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Sports 1 Marketing
How do you embody authentic principles of leadership, character and total accountability that can inspire you to succeed and activate your latent potential as a competitor? 

Join the former CEO of the world’s most notable sports agency, Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, as he shares how to elevate your consciousness through sport and resonate at a vibration of gratitude that allows you to perform at your peak day-in and day-out. 

Along with his business partner, Hall-of-Fame NFL Quarterback Warren Moon and LSSE founder Leigh Steinberg, Dave has negotiated over $2 billion in sports and entertainment contracts. 

This front-row seat has allowed him to see what helps, hurts and propels elite athletes to thrive and maintain connection to their authentic-selves.
Navigating Athletic Transitions
Malcolm Lemmons
Former professional basketball player turned author, entrepreneur and speaker shares how elite athletes can learn to navigate transitions more authentically and how to transfer their athletic intelligence to other areas of life.

“You’re so trained and focused on being the best athlete you can be, that you don’t think about being the best individual you can be.”
Emotionality and Training Your Monkey Heart
Barry Robbins
Learn from one of the Co-founders of OMNI Athlete, Vice President of ITP International and senior teacher and lineage holder of ITP (Integral Transformative Practice), co-founded by human potential visionaries George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Experiment with transformation of the body, from the ordinary to the extraordinary and how you can create an integral practice that fits within the busy life of an athlete - just as Barry did to become a nationally ranked athlete.

“You can train your emotions and be who you want to be.”
Embodying Your Warrior Spirit
Heidi McCoy
How do you activate your warrior spirit? How can you draw on love, trust and authentic communication of head, heart and hands to perform at your best?

Heidi has used these principles to become a black belt martial artist, tournament champion, reiki master, yoga instructor and coach who empowers others to activate their inner warrior.

“In that moment of pure presence there’s no self-judgment, there’s no fear of what someone else is thinking.”
Entering the Zone by Choice, Not Chance
Scott Ford
Scott has written numerous articles that have appeared in TennisOne.com, ADDvantage Magazine, Sports Vision Magazine, and Colorado Tennis. His unique concepts on playing in the zone have been presented at the prestigious USTA National Tennis Teachers Conference, USPTA World Congress on Tennis, the Canadian National Tennis Teachers Conference, and the 2000 Pre-Olympic Congress of Sports Science and Health in Brisbane, Australia. In 2008, Scott gave a presentation on Visual Dynamics in Combat to the Commandant and Senior Training Staff of the Navy SEALS in Virginia Beach, VA.

Scott teaches peak performance in tennis at Rocky Mountain Tennis Center in Boulder, Colorado.

“Focus on nothing. See everything.”
Activating Joy Through Exertion
Sanjay Rawal
Sanjay is an academically trained molecular biologist and neurobiologist turned devotee, philanthropist, and award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has inspired collaboration with the likes of Eva Longoria, Forest Whitaker, Joe De Sana and Wyclef Jean.

His most recent film - 3100: Run and Become gave him front-row access to athletes and cultures across the planet that routinely perform feats of athletic endurance that would seem impossible to even elite athletes. One of the defining characteristics he saw was the ability for these individuals to activate joy through extreme physical exertion.

“Spiritual progress in the body involves demolishing lethargy.”
Championship Mental & Emotional Training
Greg Warburton
Greg grew up living and breathing sports. A traumatic leg amputation shortly after completing his first marathon at age 27 didn’t slow him down; he remains a life-long athlete. His own life experience and a 30-year counseling career enable him to develop a sport-performance mental training system that transforms athletes into Champions. Greg re-entered the world of Sports Performance 11 years ago focusing on Mental-Game Training…expanding the focus to Mental-and- Emotional Self-Management Skill Practice…which includes cognitive, consciousness and body-energy based methods that aren’t taught in the classroom, nor on the athletic field.

“When we have ongoing performance challenges, poor performances or slumps, it has more to with blocked energy in our mind-body system than it does willpower, lack of determination or a bad attitude.”
Up-leveling the Athletic Lifecycle
Jennifer Kartiganer
An integrative rehabilitation therapist, Om-powered athlete, steward of OMNI Athlete and consciousness entrepreneur who's on a mission to bring mindfulness to the urban experience.

“The mind has these graces, and also these challenges of forgetting, denial, repression, doubt. Our bodies don’t have any of that. Our bodies remember everything. It knows its limitations.”
Developing Resilient, High-Performing Leaders & Teams
Todd Iarussi
Todd has coached in Fortune 500 companies, foundations, government organizations, educational institutions, and athletics organizations, and leverages his breadth of experience to support his coaching clients. He specializes in working with leaders on expanding their personal and interpersonal awareness, and in improving their ability to make values-driven business decisions, especially under pressure.

“Let’s not just talk about values, let’s actually practice them.”
Unwinding Your Fascia to Unleash Your Super Suit
Scott Bottorff
Scott Bottorff, a lifetime athlete and practitioner received his B.S. in Nutrition and Minor in Psychology from Framingham State College in Framingham, MA. He has been a longtime trainer and strength & conditioning coach for 15 years. He has developed a yin and yang fascia and muscle activation technique to help people to feel and relieve the enormous tension and electrical shock from past experience.

“The fascia has a great potential to protect us whenever the body is perceiving an event that is either life, death, or survival... which always happens when you’re an athlete.”
Love as Your Competitive Strategy
Jason Dorland
During his 10 years of coaching high school rowing, Jason’s crews won 12 International Championship events, set a Canadian course record time and won back-to-back events with the same four athletes—a feat never before achieved at a National Championship. All of this the byproduct of a team-culture built around compassion, empathy and love—for self, for one another, and for their competitors. Jason’s competitive strategy, a paradox to be sure, was to convince his athletes that winning is a limiting goal—and rather to win is the byproduct of striving for personal and team excellence. 

“When you’re going to engage the being of someone – the soul of someone… it involves relationships.”
Love as Your Competitive Strategy
Robyn Meagher
Robyn Meagher is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Health & Performance Coach in private practice since 2006. She is also a two-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games and World Cup silver medalist. Her 17-year career in international athletics has been a rich source of knowledge and learning in mind-body-spirit integration and the power of focused attention and commitment. Robyn’s takes a holistic and integrative approach in working with people to reclaim their health and/or achieve optimal performance. Her work is grounded in her training in somatic and positive psychology, and Eden Energy Medicine and a trans-disciplinary model that puts health as the foundation of optimal performance.

“In my highest moments of athletics, I felt like life was happening through me.”
Just like every aspect of our lives, our performance and experience as athletes has a lifecycle. Often our performance gets negatively impacted because we're not optimally prepared to experience each stage of the lifecycle. 
The Future of Training
What will the future of preparing for, and training into, your peak performance state look like in the world of sports? How does managing your emotions affect the way you build your body, mind and spirit? Can you prepare yourself for a flow state experience on purpose? What about the zone? Can you actually train yourself to get in the zone when you compete? What's the missing gap in the mental game training many athletes and coaches are gravitating towards? Can wearable technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality help you prepare for your best performance on competition-day?

These are just SOME of the questions you can expect to experience answers to at the 2019 OMNI Athlete Conference in July. 
The Future of Peak Performance
This is the experience we all want when we compete. Effortless, fluid, clear, lightening-fast and optimal performance when it matters most. And... We want it CONSISTENTLY. It's great to have an out-of-body experience once, or get in the zone now-and-then... True champions, OMNI Athletes and OMNI Coaches, experience peak performance consistently because they understand how to prepare for it. Many of us were taught a lie coming up in sport. We were taught that the zone, flow state and peak performance were things that just "happened to us." Sometimes you might get hot, the game would come easy and you would feel unstoppable. You're on your own for the other 99% of your performance. That's what we learned. That's not the future of sport. 

In fact, the future of sport is peak performance ON PURPOSE. Being in the zone by choice, not chance. Performing in a peak state consistently because you have the skills to align your body, mind and spirit in the present moment to unleash your greatness. That's the future. And there's more than one way to get there.
Andrew Hamilton
Founder at Social Scaffolding
Subject: Creating Shared Value
Andrew Hamilton and the team at Social Scaffolding have been challenging the status quo when it comes to housing and homelessness. Having chaired the 500 Lives 500 Homes Steering Committee, and seeing firsthand the benefits of cross-sector collaboration, the opportunity to amplify these partnerships between organisations to increase the portfolio of social, affordable and disability housing is clear.
Andrew's career draws on this diverse portfolio, providing a range of strategy, sales, marketing and general management consulting services to NFP’s and businesses in Brisbane.
The Future of Recovery
Do you bring the same energy to your recovery from a performance as you do to the training leading up to it? Do you have the tools, practices and techniques you need to heal your body, mind AND spirit after a performance? It's often easy for athletes to train hard and perform hard. We're coached to bring everything we have to those moments, even when we don't have anything left to give. But what about our recovery? 

Stretching and ice-baths are great, but that's just ONE way to recover AND that's just ONE aspect of recovery. Sure, you're physical body needs to recover.  What about your emotional body? And your mental body? How about the role of recovery on your spiritual body? It's all connected. Stage three of the Athlete Lifecycle is RECOVERY. 

The future of sport is about treating this stage of your lifecycle with the same dedication, presence and energy as the first two stages. Healing your bodies (yes, you have more than just a physical body) requires learning what it feels like to re-energize each body. OA 2019 will give you the chance to experience healing modalities for each of your bodies first-hand. From reiki, to meditation, to massage, fascia work and the latest healing technologies... You will experience what it feels like to recover with the same intensity you train and perform with from world-class healers.
The Future of Transition
Transition occur in every moment of our athletic lifecycle. We transition from play-to-play, game-to-game, season-to-season and year-to-year. Sometimes our transitions bring us to a new level of competition and other times our transitions represent the first day of a new stage of life.

Whatever transition you are going through, aligning your energies and learning to work through this stage of your lifecycle with intention and awareness is critical to your success as an athlete. 

Learn from Olympians, former professional athletes and world-renowned teachers what allows you to successfully navigate transitions, what holds you back and how you can bring the skills you developed as an athlete into the next stage of your journey.  
What is OMNI Athlete?
Founded by Scott Ford, Rick Leskowitz, David Meggyesy, Barry Robbins, Michael Spino and Greg Warburton – the Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group came together to elevate global consciousness through sport and shift the culture of sport into awakened states of consciousness, and the unification of body, mind, and spirit.

First there was a book – Sports, Energy & Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential Through Sport. Then there was a festival (three actually!). Then, in 2017, OMNI Athlete was launched as a podcast that would highlight a side of sport that all athletes experience but rarely understand.

OMNI Athlete started as an experiment to answer the question: do any other athletes care about these stories like we do? After being downloaded over 21,000 times in 2018 and attracting transformative guests that include Gold Medalists, World Champions and Hall-of-Famers, we came to the realization that an evolution is occurring in sport.

Athletes and coaches are waking up to the reality that the future of sport is flow, emotional intelligence and higher consciousness honed at every stage of the athletic lifecycle: training, peak performance, recovery and transition.

To steward this evolution for OMNI Athletes and Coaches around the globe we’ve merged the SEC Group and OMNI Athlete into one, unified brand built on a very simple promise: you can elevate your state of consciousness through sport, AND if you do you’ll play better than you ever have.
1:00pm - Arrival of International Delegates.
Walking tour of Sydney and visit to key NFP sites.
7:00pm - Welcome Drinks at the iconic Sydney
Opera House followed by dinner.
Day One:
Friday, July 19th 2019
Sessions include:
4:00pm - Doors open
5:00pm - Networking + Expo/Open
5:30pm - Keynote Address

Day Two:
Saturday, July 20th 2019
Sessions include:
7:00am - Meditation & Kata
8:00am - Checkin & Breakfast
9:00am - Opening Session: Integrating the body, mind, soul and spirit for peak performance
10:00am - Round 1 Experiential Breakout Sessions
11:00am - Round 2 Experiential Breakout Sessions
12:00pm - Lunch + Intermission
2:00pm - Round 3 Experiential Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - Round 4 Experiential Breakout Sessions
4:00pm - Panel #1 with Audience Q&A
6:00pm - End of day

Day Three:
Sunday, July 21st 2019
Sessions include:
7:00am - Meditation & Kata
8:00am - Checkin & Breakfast
9:00am - Round 5 Experiential Breakout Sessions
10:00am - Round 6 Experiential Breakout Sessions
11:00am - Round 7 Experiential Breakout Sessions
12:00pm - Lunch + Intermission
2:00pm - Round 8 Experiential Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - Round 9 Experiential Breakout Sessions
4:00pm - Panel #2 with Audience Q&A
6:00pm - Closing Reception & Conversation
9:00am - Welcome from Key Sponsors
9:15am - Business Case for Pro Bono with Macquarie Foundation
10:00am -Case Study: Secondments with Jawun
10:45am - Morning Tea
11:15am - Becoming a Workplace of Value with Clayton Utz
12:00 - Panel: How to Create a Pro Bono Service in your Company with Suncorp and others.
12:45pm - Lunch
1:30pm - More Than Money - Leadership Development and Pro Bono
2:15 pm - Masterclass Workshops - 1 hour sessions repeated 2 x.
 (1)           Creating a Pro Bono Program in your company - Suncorp
 (2)          Measuring your impact - SROI - Incus Group
 (3)          Pro Bono for Leadership & Talent Development
 (4)          Pro Bono and Social Enterprise - NFP scaling - Wayside Chapel
               (afternoon tea refreshments provided at change of workshop)
4:15pm - Summary and Closing Thoughts
4:45pm - Informal drinks and International Delegates depart.
NB. Elements of this program are subject to change. 
Conference Date
July 19th, 2019
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What did you experience at last year's conference?
"Coming home! Networking, sharing experience, deep conversations, new relations and new techniques and methods."
Mette Rosseland - 2018 Attendee
"Starting the weekend off with inspiring energy and hope to learn and grow. Each presenter was energetic on Saturday and Sunday morning and gave a lot of encouragement to learn more in each of their specializations."
Gen Fulton - 2018 Attendee
"Positive energy, an all star group of presenters, who are carrying information ahead of its time."
Robby Burns - 2018 Attendee
The Venue
University of San Francisco
Join us on the beautiful University of San Francisco campus for OMNI Athlete Live 2019: The Future of Sport.

2130 Fulton St 
San Francisco, CA 94117
United States